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Deep field image by Hubble

Ep. 166: Multiverses

What if our universe was just one in an infinite number of parallel universes; a possible outcome from the specific predictions of quantum mechanics. The idea of multiple universes is common in science fiction, but is there any actual science to back this theory up? (more…)

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Evolution of the large scale structure of the Universe. Image credit: NASA

Ep. 137: Large Scale Structure of the Universe

This week we’re going to think big. Bigger than big. We’re going to consider the biggest things in the Universe. If you could pull way back, and examine regions of space billions of light-years across, what would you see? How is the Universe arranged at the largest scale? And more importantly… why? (more…)

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Supernova remnant W49B, seen in X-rays and visible light.

Ep. 135: X-Ray Astronomy

We continue our journey through the electromagnetic spectrum with X-rays. If you’ve ever broken a bone, you probably know how X-rays are most commonly used. While doctors use X-rays to study the human body, and astronomers use X-rays to study some of the hottest places in the Universe. So let’s put on our X-ray specs, […]

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M81 in ultraviolet. Image credit: NASA

Ep. 134: Ultraviolet Astronomy

Our next visit in this tour through the electromagnetic spectrum is the ultraviolet. You can’t see it, but anyone who’s spent a day out in the hot sun without sunblock has sure experienced its effects. Ultraviolet radiation is associated with the birth of stars and some of the hottest places in the Universe. (more…)

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Ep. 123: Homogeneity

As astronomers discovered that we live in a great big universe, they considered a fundamental question: is the universe the same everywhere? Imagine if gravity was stronger billions of light years away… Or in the past. It sounds like a simple question, but the answer has been tricky to unravel. (more…)

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Ep. 122: How Old is the Universe?

We did a wildly popular three part series about the center, size and shape of the Universe. But every good trilogy needs a 4th episode. This week we look at age of the Universe. How old is the Universe, and how do we know? And how has this number changed over time as astronomers have […]

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Ep. 87: The End of the Universe Part 2: The End of Everything

Hopefully you’ve all recovered from part 1 of this set, where we make you sad about the future of the humanity, the Earth, the Sun and the Solar System. But hang on, we’re really going to bring you down. Today we’ll look far far forward into the distant future of the Universe, at timescales that […]

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Ep. 86: The End of the Universe Part 1: The End of the Solar System

This is a show we wanted to do since we started Astronomy Cast but we always thought it was too early. We wanted you to know that we’re positive, happy people with enthusiasm for astronomy and the future. It’s time for some sadness. It’s time for a grim look to see what the future holds […]

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Ep. 81: Questions on the Shape, Size and Centre of the Universe

As predicted we got a lot of questions from people about our trilogy of shows on the size, shape and centre of the universe. Today we’ll do our best to clear them all up.As always, if you’re still confused drop us an email to info at astronomycast dot com. Episode 81: Questions on the Shape, […]

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Ep. 79: How Big is the Universe?

We’re ready to complete our trilogy of discovery about the universe. We’ve learned that it has no center; rather everywhere is its center and nowhere. We discovered that the universe seems to be flat. It’s not open, it’s not closed, it’s flat. If that doesn’t make any sense, you need to listen to the previous […]

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