Ep. 615: Planet 9

After Pluto lost its planethood, we were down to 8 planets. But there’s growing evidence of another world (or worlds) out beyond the orbit of Pluto. Is Planet 9 out there and how will we find it? Could there even be a Planet 10?

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Icy Moons and Dwarf Planets

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Ep. 614: Centaurs, Comets and Asteroids

Ep. 614: Centaurs, Comets and Asteroids

There are asteroids and there are comets. But there’s an entirely separate class of objects called centaurs. But instead of half-human, half-horse, imagine an object that’s half comet, half asteroid but 100% interesting.

Ep. 612: Update: SETI, METI (and WETI)

Ep. 612: Update: SETI, METI (and WETI)

Last week we talked about the various ways that astronomers could detect the presence of intelligent civilizations by observing technosignatures. This week we’ll give you an update on the state of searching for extraterrestrials. This field has gone from a collection of pariahs to a completely legitimate field of research. What’s changed?