Ep. 8: Meteor Showers. Yes, the sky is falling.

Oct 30, 2006 | Amateur Astronomy, Astronomy, Observing, Our Solar System | 4 comments

Dress warmly, gather some friends and family, and head outside to watch sand burn in the upper atmosphere. There’s nothing like a good meteor shower. Fraser and Pamela explain this beautiful phenomenon: what causes them, the best storms and showers to watch for, and different types of meteors you might see.
Download Episode 8: Meteor Showers. Yes, the sky is falling. (13.5 MB)


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  3. Steven

    I’ve started listening to your older episodes again, your podcast is very helpful by the way, thanks guys.
    I recently got directed to an online video of what appears to be a meteorite. How big would this particular space rock be, assuming it is one, and it also seemed to have moved very slowly or could that just be the camera’s frame rate?
    [..link bellow..]
    And Pamela mentions in this episode that rocks with a diameter of 50m will even reach the Earth’s surface. Won’t these size rocks be considered NEO’s, or was that a mistake?
    Cheers again for all the effort!


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