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Ep. 12: Where Do Baby Stars Come From?

Ep. 12: Where Do Baby Stars Come From?

Stellar Nursery

Most parents have had that uncomfortable conversation with their children at some point. Mommy, Daddy, where do stars come from? You hem and haw, mumble a few words about angular momentum and primordial hydrogen and then cleverly change the subject. Well, you don’t have to
avoid the subject any longer. Pamela and Fraser describe formation of stars, large and small, in a tasteful manner, using only understandable and scientific language.

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  • 7 Responses to “Ep. 12: Where Do Baby Stars Come From?”

    1. MandyDax says:

      When 10^57 hydrogen atoms love each other very much…

      Fraser and Pamela, I’ve recently started listening to these. Good work. I’m enjoying them very much.

    2. Yancy Dennis says:

      They come from mommy and daddy stars — ha ha!!!

    3. swampyankee says:

      Wait, wait, you mean they don’t get delivered by the Stellar Stork (which has since changed its name to Grus ;-))?

    4. hippyp1 says:

      i am looking for a serous scientific story about the universe

    5. Ibrahim says:

      Pamela this is a good conversation but it looks you don’t have complete resuts of what really cause the baby stars I have listen to this and it helps to know more about the causes of baby’s stars and how it comes. But

    6. Carlos says:



    1. - Tech and Interesting Facts - [...] about the birth and death of stars? We did a two part podcast at Astronomy Cast. Here's part 1, …

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