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Thank you for your interest in the survey, but we have completed gathering data. If you would like to see the results of this survey, check out our paper in Communicating Astronomy with the Public
It’s time to answer questions again, but this time we hope that you’ll take a minute and answer ours. We’ve written a brief survey that we hope you’ll take a minute to fill out. This survey will allow us to collect some general demographic information about our audience so we can make the show even better. We promise it doesn’t even ask your email address – and, if you fill it out, we’ll give you a link to a special, full-length episode that does not appear on our feed.
So please, please – do us a favour, and fill out our listener survey


  1. Terence King

    I am one of those people who learn more by watching and listening, rather than reading text on any given subject. So, the discovery of your ‘Astronomy Cast’ site is most informative and educational. I express my thanks, and my hope that your work and effort that you put into these units, will continue.
    Best regards
    Terry King UK

  2. JOE


  3. Alex88

    BlogCarnival submission form. ,


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