Student Questions Show: Leelanau School

Sep 13, 2008 | Astronomy, Student Questions, Your Questions | 1 comment

This is our forth installment in our series of student questions shows and these questions come to us from Leelanau High School.
Thanks to GLAST, Astronomy Cast is now able to provide equipment to send to high school teachers who want to Pamela and Fraser to do a special questions show just for their class. We will be making this shows available on the feed on days other than Monday (that’s still reserved for your regularly scheduled Astronomy Cast).
To find out how your class can participate, check out our new Education page for details or drop us an email to

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    What’s the closest exo-planet to our solar system?

    What planet in our solar system should we colonize?

    Can we collect information from a black hole?

    Can we travel faster than the speed of light?

    Will a dwarf star enter our solar system?  (No!)

    Can microscopic black holes be created on Earth?

    What is the truth about black holes and white holes?

    What is the farthest planet we have found?
    Astronomers find stars via:

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    1. Anonymous

      I had Mr. Wheeler for a class my senior year and he’s an awesome teacher. I can’t say the same of the rest of the school though : (
      People who are interested in Leelanau should check out Leelanau Talk at It’s got student reviews, etc.


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