Ep. 119: Robots in Space

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Mars Exploration Rover. Image credit: NASA/JPL

Mars Exploration Rover. Image credit: NASA/JPL

Space is totally inhospitable. If the freezing temperatures don’t get you, the intense radiation will kill you. Or the vacuum, or the lack of breathable atmosphere, or meteoroid impacts. Well… you get the idea. That’s why most space exploration is done by hardy robots. They don’t need to eat, drink or breathe. They get their energy from the Sun, and they’ve proven they’ve got the right stuff to explore every planet and major moon in the Solar System. Let’s hear it for the space robots.

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    1. Mike Cloutier

      I was surprised to hear you use pounds and weight when describing the Canadarm and the objects it moves.

    2. Mark

      Nothing on the Russian Venera probes? They were amazing.

    3. Empyre

      I think that they use pounds and weight to describe mass because that is what many in the audience will understand. Just assume that they mean that the object has the amunt of mass that would weigh that much if it were on the surface of the Earth.


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