Ep. 151: Atmospheres

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The Earth's atmosphere

The Earth's atmosphere

Take a quick breath. There, that’s what we’re going to talk about today – the atmosphere. And not just the Earth’s familiar atmosphere, but the strange, exotic and deadly atmospheres we find in the Solar System and surrounding extrasolar planets.

  • Ep. 151: Atmospheres
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    1. Sci-Fi Si

      Welcome back Pamela!
      Thank you Fraiser and Pamela, that was really one of the most interesting episodes of Astronomy Cast you have made yet.
      So glad to hear you back, hope you had a great time on your travels. Thank you Fraiser for asking just the right questions.

      • Emanuel

        my self i congratulate you for good job

    2. Jurij

      Finally a new episode:D I’ve been obsessively checking the website the past few day hoping for an update 😀

    3. Matt

      I am Addicted to Astronomy Cast
      And really thought I would have to go cold turkey lol
      I came across your pod cast Via (Universe today) three weeks ago and already caught up on all episodes
      Thank you Fraiser and Pamela 🙂

    4. Rich

      This is the second episode (that I heard) where you stated that meteors are heated by friction. My understanding that the heating is actually due to pressure. The web seems to point to both ways. Any comments?

    5. Custom Essays

      that was really one of the most interesting episode of Astronomy Cast.
      I really admire this post


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