Ep. 155: Dwarf Stars

Posted on Oct 12, 2009 in Stars | 3 comments

Artist illustration of a red dwarf star.

Artist illustration of a red dwarf star.

We think we live near an average star, but that’s not the case at all. Compared to most stars in the Universe, the Sun is a giant! Let’s look at the small end of the stellar spectrum, to stars with a fraction of the size and mass of our own Sun. There are many ways that a star can get small, and they lead dramatically different lives and deaths.

  • Ep. 155: Dwarf Stars
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    1. Sun is actually 10^30 kg not 10^33 kg! You’ve just fried us all!

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    2. The numbers tossed around are astronomical. Putting in perspective the smallest red dwarf fusing hydrogen for twelve trillion years, that is a thousand times as long as the universe has existed. When you say it will take a quadrillion years for it to cool off to just about absolute zero, that is eighty thousand times the current age of the universe.

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    3. Congrats Dr. Pamela Gay on your appearance on History Channel’s ‘The Universe’! You were awesome!

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