Ep. 156: Famous Stars

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VY Canis Majoris

VY Canis Majoris

This week we’re going to talk about famous stars. But not those boring human ones you read about in People magazine. No, we’re talking about those hot balls of plasma across the distant Universe. The close ones, the bright ones, the massive ones, the giant ones. Let’s get to know some famous stars.

  • Ep. 156: Famous Stars
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    1. gary

      Don’t forget Wolf 359 was on the original Outer Limits in 1964. They depicted it as having a solar system too.
      Love the show, thanks.

    2. Anders

      The most famous star is probably the sun…

    3. Jim

      With the star that you mentioned that was ‘passing through’ the galaxy at high speed, this reminds me of a discussion on “hypervelocity stars” in another podcast interview with a Dr Church from Cambridge Uni – very interesting stuff. Who knew there was still so much to learn about stars? 🙂

    4. Mark

      Rigel was also mentioned in Star Trek on a number of occasions. This was one of my favorite episodes to date, but enjoy them all. Keep them coming!!

    5. Jef

      Umm, I cant find any shownotes or transcripts from the famous stars episode? I was particularly after the link Pamela mentioned to the video of a flythrough showing the scales of star sizes.

    6. Stuart Wheaton

      156 episodes… seems that unless I suck more at math than I think I do, that is 3 whole years!!!
      Congrats to Pamela and Frasier!

    7. Paul3000

      VY Canis Majoris is the biggest star we can see. Can stars be bigger than even this behemoth!

    8. Alice

      Oh man, I hate to be the huge canon nerd here, but I have to ask for a correction.
      Epsilon Eridani is not the home star system of the Vulcans in “Star Trek” canon. 40 Eridani A is. But it’s still a cool star system! Seriously!

    9. Ahmed

      I thought there was some repetition in this episode, or not? Like a technical problem or something. Anyway, I really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot, Fraser and Pamela!

    10. Margaret

      This was a very enjoyable episode. I am recommending it to friends. Thank you for helping me to better understand astronomy through these 156 episodes and questions shows. Please keep them coming!

    11. Zach Kessin

      I think Epsilon Eridani was the home of Babylon 5

    12. eddy

      the sun is the famouse star


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