Ep. 159: Planet X

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Artist's illustration of the dwarf planet Eris. Image credit: NASA

Artist's illustration of the dwarf planet Eris. Image credit: NASA

Astronomers have been searching for the mysterious Planet X for hundreds of years. It was the search for a theoretical planet beyond Uranus that turned up Neptune, and then again for Pluto. And even now there are some astronomers who think there’s a more distant planet out there. Oh, and there are a bunch of pseudoscience cranks trying to freak people out about the end of the world. Don’t worry, we’ll make time for them too, but first let’s start with some real science.

  • Ep. 159: Planet X
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    1. Zach Kessin

      I’m disappointed, not 1 Duck Dodgers reference! How could you?
      Off to find some Illudium phosdex!

    2. JHGRedekop

      Dr. Phineas Waldorf Steel, the mad scientist musician, has a song about Nibiru with lots of pseudo-science in-jokes — Planet X Marks The Spot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0dOUX46e2o

    3. Rob Bax

      THANKS for all you did, it is GREAT
      Sorry to say, I mis the transcrips from E137 en some before.
      English is not my native, and I need my translation program to understand it well.
      What I not understood is the name Sedna, discovered by NASA some 4 years ago en named by people 5000 years ago, they could’nt now that, isn’t mentiioned. (ok the 10 th, now Pluto is not a planet the 9 th)
      Did I mis something?
      Thank you and your staff again, Rob

    4. Alistair Tyrrell

      This was one of my favourite episodes yet. The outer edge of the solar system is a very interesting place! I think there is room for a whole episode just on ‘very cool objects’ – meaning, those very distant from the Sun. Areas including the Oort Cloud. Kuiper Belt. Heliopause. Scattered Disk. Objects such as Cubewanos, Centaurs, etc. Can I respectfully submit that as a show idea please ???

    5. Pavel Smutny

      There is big effort of mainstream scientists to dishonest people – other scientists who have endavour to find proof for existence of Nibiru/Planet X, of Nemesis. People who have real interest to find some important infos about X,…are sacked from their jobs on universities, from state,…institutions. It is similar with case of ufo fans,….though Julius Obseguinus wrote book about ufo, about contacts with extraterestrials Liber Prodigorum in 4th century A. D.,…..people who have seen ufo,…are proclaimed by media, by governments for stupid, or insane persons.
      Have a nice days

    6. Zach Kessin

      Ever notice all the talk of Planet Nibiru always omits one important piece of data, where on the sky is it? Give me a RA/DEC for the thing if you say it its out there!

    7. Pavel Smutny

      Nibiru, because its probable proximity to perihelia should be somewhere 1,5billion km from us, circa as far as Saturn. Nibiru so should have its appearant motion on sky toward us, due to year motion of Earth on its orbit such, that Nibiru moves circa from Castor and Pollux to Aldebaran and vice versa within 1 year on sky. Nibiru is where head of Orion is,..on the end of December,..

    8. Zachary Kessin

      Thats a lot of area to look, can you be more specific? I want to be able to go see this thing, something like say 3deg NW of Rigel would be much more helpful.

    9. Rob Bax

      Thank you Dr. Pamela and the whole team of this cast.
      I asked for the tranlations, and there came a lot of former LECTURES.
      I don’t like the word show in this case.
      Sorry that I said, English is not my native. (i’m not a native indeed :)))
      I had to say its’n my native language.
      I’v heard your loud laughter in my dreams, in an unknown frequency.
      Thank you all for this GREAT LECTURES

    10. 2012hoax

      Oh this is *so* going on my list of resources…. Thanks guys!


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