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Ep. 314: Acceleration

Ep. 314: Acceleration

Put that pedal to the metal and accelerate! It’s not just velocity, but a change in velocity. Let’s take a look at acceleration, how you measure it, and how Einstein changed our understanding of this exciting activity.

2 Responses to “Ep. 314: Acceleration”

  1. Robin Datta says:

    After acceleration comes jolt/jerk; then is jounce, followed by snap, crackle & pop. Learnt about the first of them in the Army Flight Surveon’s course, in the mechanics of aircraft accidents.

    • Paul Laviolette says:

      I was listing to ep. 312 and realized there lies the answer to my question. If the space station was sitting still how much would the people in it weigh. I see now if the service of the earth was up to them gravity would either square by 250 miles or be three times. I don’t know how to make that calculation but at least now I know there is a formula.

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