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Ep. 320: Layers of the Sun

Ep. 320: Layers of the Sun

Our Sun isn’t just a terrifying ball of white hot plasma, it’s actually a lot more complex. It’s got layers. And today, we’re going to peel back those layers and learn about the Sun – from the inside out.

2 Responses to “Ep. 320: Layers of the Sun”

  1. Christopher Miller says:

    I was wondering if you could tell me the title of the book that was mentioned which explains the mathematics behind stellar atmospheres which was mentioned in the show after the eleven minute mark.

  2. David Hemrick says:

    S. Chandrasekhar
    I am going to guess-
    An Introduction to the Study of Stellar Structure
    Principles of Stellar Dynamics
    There is also a series that looks interesting:
    Selected Papers…over several volumes.
    Many quite pricey.
    Dover apparently publishes many books in math, physics and astronomy.
    Just put his name in the search field at Amazon.

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