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Ep. 327: Telescope Making, Part 1: Toys and Kits

Ep. 327: Telescope Making, Part 1: Toys and Kits

Why pick up a low quality, wobbly telescope from the department store when you can craft your own – just like Galileo, and all the great astronomers from history. For a minor investment, you can build a worthy telescope out of spare parts and high quality kits.

4 Responses to “Ep. 327: Telescope Making, Part 1: Toys and Kits”

  1. Dan says:

    Dr. Pamela Gay’s audio sounds like it is getting cut off often. Just an FYI, great podcast, thanks.

  2. Wayne Holcomb says:

    I love Astronomycast! On episode 327, “Dr. Pamela’s” voice cut out in several places, throughout the program and I missed a lot of the conversation. I thought you should know in case there are technical problems — or — maybe I am having them!? Thanks for always having a great show! I always learn a lot!

  3. Wayne Holcomb says:

    Update on the “missing parts” of episode 327: problem occurred on iTunes podcast. I played the episode straight from Astronomy Cast website and had no problem! Good to know! Thanks for a great telescope building episode! The Grandkids are now in big “trouble”!!! Can’t wait!

  4. Chris Sterwerf says:

    Thanks for the GREAT Podcast!!! I just ordered a Galileoscope for my daughter’s 4 year birthday. I’m sure we will get years of use out of it. Keep up the good work!!

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