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Ep. 337: Photometry

Ep. 337: Photometry

There’s a lot you can learn by just staring at an object, watching how it changes in brightness. This is the technique of photometry, and it has helped astronomers discover variable stars, extrasolar planets, minor planets, supernovae, and much more.

One Response to “Ep. 337: Photometry”

  1. Greg says:

    Hi Pamela and Frazer! (Hope I spelled everyone right!???!!)

    What a great job you do promoting astronomy, and science in general. I have fallen on hard times, but your show is a wonderful bright spot during many late nights. In addition to its rich educational content, Astronomy Cast has provided me personally with a productive antidote against hardship and painful trouble. I promote you on Facebook and sincerely wish that I could do much more because your show is so fun and inspiring.

    Thanks for the great show and my very best to everyone who sacrifices to produce Astronomy Cast for a grateful audience. Fascinating. :)

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