Ep. 575: Observing the Moon

Posted on Jun 22, 2020 in Amateur Astronomy, Observing, podcast, Solar System | 0 comments

As amateur astronomers, we curse the Moon every month. Seriously, why doesn’t someone get rid of that thing? This week, something occurred to us. What if we actually pointed our telescopes at the Moon? What would we see?

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Show Notes

Annular solar eclipse 21 June 2020 (timeanddate.com)

Phases of the moon (timeanddate.com)

What is earthshine? (Earthsky.org)

Directory of craters (USGS)

Lunar crater observations (Lunar and Planetary Institute)

What is Lunar Regolith? (Universe Today)

Surface Properties of the Moon (Dr. Eric Blackman, University of Rochester)

Geologic map of the Moon (USGS)

Copernicus crater (NASA)

How to See All Six Apollo Moon Landing Sites (Sky & Telescope)

Video: “Full Moon Silhouettes” (Mark Gee)

Mystery of the moon’s tilted orbit (Earthsky.org)

Penumbral lunar eclipse (timeanddate.com)

Video: “What determines when we have an eclipse?” (NASA Goddard)

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