Ep. 646: Long Term Future in Space

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We always say that we’re living in golden age of space and astronomy, but it feels like things are just accelerating. What does the long-term future hold for our place in the Universe?

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Show Notes

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Star Trek)


Starship (SpaceX)



Space Launch System (SLS) (NASA)

Orion Spacecraft (NASA)

Technological singularity (Wikipedia)

NASA Artemis

Gateway (NASA)

Advanced Composite Solar Sail System (NASA)

China National Space Administration

Tiangong space station (Wikipedia)

Chang’e-5: China’s Moon sample return mission (The Planetary Society)


Imagining a Moon base (ESA)


For All Mankind (Apple TV+)


Solving the Challenges of Long Duration Space Flight with 3D Printing (NASA)

Here’s how we could mine the moon for rocket fuel (MIT)

Regolith, The “Other” Lunar Resource (Smithsonian Magazine)

McMurdo Station (NSF)

The Expanse (Syfy)

Asteroid Mining (MIT)

How to Build a Dyson Swarm (Space.com)

The Apollo Missions (NASA)

Space Shuttle Era (NASA)


In Depth | Europa (NASA)

In Depth | Enceladus (NASA)

Interstellar Travel – The Wait Calculation and the Incentive Trap of Progress (Researchgate)

Biosphere 2 (University of Arizona

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