Ep. 649: Why Does Everything Happen on Holidays?

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Have you ever noticed that significant space and astronomy events seem to happen during holidays? It’s not a coincidence, there’s actually a reason why. Today we’ll talk about some of the key events that happened during holidays.

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Show Notes

Webb Space Telescope (NASA)

The Launch – Webb/NASA (NASA)

Apollo 8: Christmas at the Moon (NASA)

Viking 1 – Mars Missions (NASA JPL)

40 Years Ago: STS-4, Columbia’s Final Orbital Flight Test (NASA)

Voyager 1’s Pale Blue Dot (NASA)

About – Hubble Servicing Missions | SM2 (NASA)

Mars Pathfinder | Missions (NASA)

Canada Day (Canada.ca)


Spacewalking Astronauts Gift Space Station with Christmas Eve Cooling Pump Fix (Space.com)

P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 (NASA)

Galileo and Cassini Image Two Giant Plumes on Io (NASA JPL)


Cassini-Huygens (NASA JPL)

Cassini’s New Year fly-by of Iapetus (ESA)

Deep Impact (EPOXI) (NASA)

STS-121 Launch and Landing (NASA)

AGU Fall Meeting 2022 (AGU)

241st AAS Meeting (AAS)

New Horizons enters safe mode 10 days before… (The Planetary Society)


Arrokoth (2014 MU69) (NASA)

What Happened to Comet ISON? (NASA)

China National Space Administration



NASA Television (NASA)

Chelyabinsk meteor: 9 years ago today (EarthSky)

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