Ep. 671: The Consequences to Breaking Space Laws

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Last week we talked about the laws that govern space exploration. This week the rubber hits the road. What are the consequences for actually breaking these rules? Are they really going to stop anyone?

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  1. brian gamble

    Hello !….. compliments on a great show👍
    I have just started listening to your show via Spotify
    Was listening to one of your previous episodes on planetary formation/hot Jupiters etc while driving to work and had a thought.
    Is it possible that enough material from the solar nebula could have condensed after the initial star formation to produce another star ? ( Not a great deal more material needed than that to form multiple planets ??)
    This would explain binary systems and the different “ages “of stars in binary systems
    Apologies if this is already been thought of/standard thinking but just had to email you !


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