Ep. 678: World Building: Planet Formation, Growth, & Ejection

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Okay sci-fi writers, today we’re going to give you a guided tour of building planets. How they form, how they grow, and how things can go horribly horribly wrong.

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  1. Stephen DiPietro

    Dr. Pamela L Gry, PSI, with all respect her definition of the how a planet forms in a disc or collasped cloud is completely wrong. Planetary Scientist have been wrong for 269 years since Kant came up with the Nebula Hypothesis. I figured this out during the pandemic using my lifelong experience of emperical observation, experience, knowledge and an unstoppable CUROSITY for the Universe and everything it. She could not be more wrong about planentesimals turning into planets. Check out my Hypothesis it will blow your mind I will have to talk to you first. Frustrated Backyard Scientist, let’s talk.

  2. Stephen DiPietro

    She couldn’t be more wrong about her definition of out Solar System, but she is right, they don’t know how it started. I think I have a btter idea!


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