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Astronomy Cast takes a fact-based journey through the cosmos as it offers listeners weekly discussions on astronomical topics ranging from planets to cosmology. Hosted by Fraser Cain (Universe Today) and Dr. Pamela L. Gay (SIUE), this show brings the questions of an avid astronomy lover direct to an astronomer. Together Fraser and Pamela explore what is known and being discovered about the universe around us.

We are often asked how we create our shows. A full description can be found here.

Pamela’s Wikipedia page
Fraser’s Universe Today Wikipedia page


Fraser and Pamela love doing interviews and appearing as guests on other podcasts. If you want to interview them on your podcast, drop us an email at info@astronomycast.com. Here are some podcasts they’ve appeared in (newest to oldest).


Visit our Flickr page http://flickr.com/photos/astronomycast/ for images of the AstronomyCast Team in action.

Meet the Cast

Fraser Cain


Fraser Cain is the publisher of Universe Today, one of the most popular space and astronomy websites on the internet, with more than 3 million monthly readers. Fraser has been working in the software/Internet industry for the more than 15 years, and was a partner in two software companies that are now traded publicly. He studied engineering at the University of British Columbia, and has a degree in computer science. Visit Fraser’s site at Universe Today

Dr. Pamela L. Gay


Dr. Pamela L. Gay

Dr. Pamela L. Gay

A lifetime stargazer, Dr. Pamela L. Gay has followed her obsession to a profession. Today Pamela is an assistant research professor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, where she runs the CosmoQuest citizen science project and teaches classes in physics and computer science. Teaching by day, she works on astronomy data by night, teaming up with amateur astronomers and citizen scientists to work to better understand our universe. In between, she finds time to mentor students working on research projects designed to help understand how to best engage people in science online. Pamela maintains a blog at starstryder.com

Susie Murph


Susie Murph is the producer and project director for Astronomy Cast. She also manages the Weekly Space Hangout, and previously managed the Guide to Space series at Universe Today. She turned a love of space and science into a career, by learning how to podcast first as a hobby, then as a job.

Preston Gibson

media producer

Preston Gibson is in charge of Post-Production for both AstronomyCast (since 2008) and 365 Days of Astronomy. He is an MFA student at Savannah College of Art and Design, studying Motion Media Design. Preston has a background in Video Production and Post-Production, as well as Web and Print Design. He spends far too much of his time playing guitar.

You can contact any member of the cast by writing to info@astronomycast.com
See the contact us page for more details.

Artists whose work has been made available to appear in Astronomy Cast:

Astrophotography by R. Jay GaBany
Astronomical Illustrations and Space Art, by Fahad Sulehria
David A. Hardy’s AstroArt

A good catalogue of online space art can be found here.

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