Astronomy Cast is made possible through the generous donations of listeners like you. Your donations allow us to pay our server bills, to attend scientific meetings and conventions (like the Communicating Astronomy to the Public conference), and to pay staff (Chad & Susie) that keep us organized, edited, and on track for our (mostly) weekly episodes.

Here are the amazing people who support us at the $3 and above levels through Patreon.

Helge Bjorkhaug
Bill Hamilton
Charles White
Matt Woods
Chad Colopy
Bjarte Foshaug
Greg Guthman
Joe Kouveras
Arthur Latz-Hall
Frank Tippin
Clem Unger
Tracy Anne
James Polley
Les Howard
William Andrews
Ian Hayes
Chuck Heckman
Howard Maculsay
David McKinzie
Dave Slusher
Elizabeth Theresa
Tom Van Scotter
Rich Wilson
Shawn South
Elad Avron
Carolyn B
Chris Buchholz
Roberto Carraro
Paul Duffield
John Gallant
Alan Geleynse
Eric Knapp
Nate Laxon
Kevin McEnhill
Hans Nilsson
Cole Palmer
Blair Piggin
Patricia Pipkin
Craig York
Bill Conway
Natalie Metzger
Michael Zoech
David Cheung
Paul Disney
David Truog

We thank you all for your support!

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