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Do you enjoy Astronomy Cast and want to support us? There are plenty of ways you can help.

  1. Subscribe to the show. If you’re listening to this show on the web, there’s a more convenient way. You can subscribe so that it shows up automatically whenever we’ve created a new episode. You don’t need an iPod, or even a portable music player. The most popular software is iTunes, and it’s free. In fact there are dozens of podcatchers out there. You can also just subscribe to our podcast feed from an RSS reader. We recommend Google Reader or Bloglines. Whenever there’s a new show out, you’ll find out right away.
  2. Write a review in iTunes. You can help our show stand out from all the others by writing a review in iTunes. Click here to go directly to the review page. If that doesn’t work, open up iTunes, search for Astronomy Cast, open up our show page, and then click on “Write a Review”.
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  4. Email us your questions. We always need a constant stream of your questions for our question shows. Either email it to, or record your question as an mp3 and email that to us. We’ll queue them up and answer them in the show.
  5. Suggest an improvement. We’re trying to make the best show we can, but it could always be better. We’d love to hear any suggestions you have on how we can improve it. Email us at
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  12. Wikipedia Our shows make a great resource for Wikipedia articles. Add a link if you think something is appropriate.
  13. Find us a sponsor. Astronomy Cast is downloaded more than 100,000 times a month. Do you know someone who’d like to sponsor us? Please let them know.
  14. Any other ideas? We’re all out of ideas, but do you have some? Email us and let us know how you think people could support the show.