Questions Show: Telescope Suggestions, Black Hole Energy, and Universal Time

Celestron telescope.

Celestron telescope.

What starting telescope equipment does the Astronomy Cast team suggest? How much energy does a black hole generate? And how do we measure time outside the Earth?
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  • Telescope Suggestions, Black Hole Energy, and Universal Time
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    Telescope Suggestions:

    Would a black hole the same size as the sun give off the same amount of energy as the sun?

    How do we measure time if we leave Earth?

    How do heavy elements like iron end up in the inner rocky planets but not in the outer solar system or in the sun?

    Why doesn’t a photon have mass?

    Is an open universe infinite? What shape do we think the universe is? Did the early universe inflate at infinite speed?

    How to use binoculars:

    What are the processes that limit star size, and why don’t black holes have that limit?

    Is the expansion of the Universe caused by decaying matter?

    If the age of the Earth is derived from the decay of primordial material from when the sun condensed from a supernova, aren’t we just dating the supernova and not the sun?