Ep. 675: Exotic Forms of Ice

Ice is ice, right? You know, what you get when water freezes. Well, maybe here on Earth. But across the Universe, water can be squeezed together at different temperatures and pressures, leading to very different structures. Today we’ll talk about the different forms that ice can take.

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Show Notes

Crystallinity of the Ice (UCLA)

How to Make Clear Ice Cubes for Your Cocktails (Liquor.com)

You’re Doing It Wrong: The Guide to Making Perfect Pasta (Smithsonian Magazine)

Iceland Has Got a sparkling Ice Diamond Beach on Breiðamerkursandu (Guide to Iceland)

Centaurs (Swinburne University)

Scientists discover a new type of amorphous ice (Cosmos Magazine)

Scientists created a weird new type of ice that is almost exactly as dense as water (Live Science)

Ganymede (NASA)

Europa (NASA)

Enceladus (NASA)

Kuiper Belt Objects (Swinburne University)

An orbital dance may help preserve oceans on icy worlds (Phys.org)

Why do astronomers call Uranus and Neptune ice giants? (Astronomy)

Europa’s heaving ice might make more heat than scientists thought (Brown University)

What color is an iceberg? (NOAA)

Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (Goodreads)

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