Ep 490: What’s New with Supernovae

Time for another update, this time we’re going to look at what’s new with supernovae. And once again, we’ve got good news, lots of new stuff to report.

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Show Notes

Supernova in Wikipedia
What is a supernova?
What Is a Supernova?
Supernova: Exploding Stars – YouTube
Supernova Classification
Classifying Supernovae | astrobites
Type Ia -Presents a singly ionized silicon (Si II) line at 615.0 nm (nanometers), near peak light
Type Ib/c -Weak or no silicon absorption feature
Type II-P/L/N – Type II spectrum throughout
Type IIb– Spectrum changes to become like Type Ib
Hubble Sees the Fireball from a “Kilonova”
You Know About A Supernova. What About An “Unnova”?
Failed Supernova


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