Ep. 510: 2018 – Year in Review

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2018 was an incredible year in space news. Rockets launched, landers landed, spacecraft were born and died. We learned tremendous new things about Universe around us, and today we’re here to look back fondly over the last 12 months to review the year in space that was.
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Show Notes

OSIRIS-REx – https://www.asteroidmission.org/
James Webb Space Telescope delays – https://www.jwst.nasa.gov/
SpaceX Falcon Heavy rockets – https://www.spacex.com/
Mars InSight Lander – https://mars.nasa.gov/insight/
Soyuz Space Crew Launch Failure 2018: Full Coverage
Russian spacewalkers perform ‘surgery’ on Soyuz spacecraft
Parker Solar Probe – http://parkersolarprobe.jhuapl.edu/
Saturn’s Rings are fading
China Launches a lander to the far side of the Moon
New dwarf planets: Goblin and Farout
Opportunity, Dawn and Kepler die
TESS launches
Underground liquid water on Mars
Gaia data release
Stephen Hawking Dies


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