Ep. 535: Astronomy-Related Things To Do This Summer

Posted on Jun 20, 2019 in Amateur Astronomy, Observing, People, podcast | 0 comments

It’s summertime, and time for our annual Astronomy Cast hiatus. But that doesn’t mean that the astronomy adventure has to end. Today we’ll give you some tips and tricks for astronomy summer adventures.

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Show Notes

Bennu Mappers – Help CosmoQuest map rocks to help pick which ones OSIRIS-REx will bring back from asteroid Bennu! Start your coffee pots, get your favorite mouse/trackpads, & GET MAPPING! http://bennu.cosmoquest.org/

Starlink and satellite constellations are going to start interfering with dark sky viewing, so take some star trail photos this summer

What is a star trail?

How to take great photos of star trails

Taking photos of the Milky Way

How to take photos of the Milky Way

Book review: “Astrophotography” by Theirry Legault

Find dark skies and search for Mercury, Jupiter, and other planets: June guide to Night Sky

What is a Dobsonian telescope?

Guide to Dobsonian telescopes

Asteroids Pallas and Vesta will be visible this summer

Persied Meteor shower – peaks in August

Delta Aquariid meteors peak in July

Partial Lunar Eclipse 2019 to Take Place on July 16

Andromeda constellation contains a galaxy

Space Launch Calendar summer 2019

Upcoming Events and Launches from Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Events

Visit Dr. Morgan Rehnberg’s Apollo 11 exhibit in Ft. Worth


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