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Dec 30, 2018 | 8 comments

This section will be greatly expanded in the coming days!

Astronomy Cast invites you to join us as we travel the world and attend public events. Here are just a few of the things we have planned for the future:

Past trips include:

  • Astronomy Cast 500 in Edwardsville, Illinois in September 2018
  • The Eclipse Escape in St Louis, Missouri in August 2017
  • The (Not) End of the World Cruise, December 2013



  1. Gaither

    Patreon is misspelled on your donation page.

  2. Brent Sumner

    ?Any plans or recommendations for 2020 total solar eclipse

  3. ken welles

    Question: Assume a star (or galaxy) is centered (relative to our telescope) behind a black hole so that we see a gravitationally lensed image of that object. Will the image that we see change depending on the spin speed and orientation of the black hole?

  4. Elizabeth L. White

    Happy to be here! Please share your current/up coming events. Thanks

  5. danderson

    Is there a way to bulk download all the show rather than having to click on them one-by one?

  6. Jordan Edwards

    Hi, Fraser.

    I have read that Jupiter does not orbit around the Sun.
    Is this true? Do they orbit around each other… or a common centre of mass?

    • planetarypan

      Jupiter’s mass is enough, and it’s close enough, that the barycenter (the center of mass for the two bodies) is a very short distance outside the Sun. So yes, it’s technically true, but it’s not a meaningful distance.

  7. János Wagner

    Dear Creators, dear Listeners!

    I like Astr. Cast a lot!!! Help me with something please. Where can I find the list of episodes between 500 and 600? It is mayba my fault but I can not.Thank you for the help! Greetings from Hungary!
    Bye, János


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