Questions Show: Distance in Space, Changing Earth's Orbit, and Different Sized Stars

Betelgeuse. Image credit: Hubble

Betelgeuse. Image credit: Hubble

This week we find out the distance between Betelgeuse and Bellatrex, how astronomers measure distance between objects, the possibility that an object could mess up the orbit of Earth, and the reason for different sizes of stars. If you’ve got a question for the Astronomy Cast team, please email it in to and we’ll try to tackle it for a future show. Please include your location and a way to pronounce your name.

  • Distance in Space, Changing Earth’s Orbit, and Different Sized Stars
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    Distance between Betelgeuse and Bellatrex

    Could an object coming through our solar system change Earth’s orbit?

    Why are there different sizes of stars?

    What are Pamela and Fraser most excited about in outstanding questions in astronomy?

    Is is possible there isn’t dark energy?

    What are the surface of gas planets like?

    How did Astronomy Cast get started?