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Special Episode: Live from DragonCon 2014!

Live from DragonCon 2014! Fraser and Pamela are joined by Les Johnson, Scott Edgington, Erin MacDonald, Roy Kilgard, and Fraser bombards all of these wonderful scientists with the hardest, most complicated questions he can come up with! Dr. Erin MacDonald holds a PhD in Astrophysics and up until this year was working as a postdoctoral […]

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Astronomy Cast at Dragon*Con 2012: Space Money

We’ve probed the deepest recesses of the universe, landed spacecraft and humans on other planets and moons but, face it, all of this exploration is expensive. Just a single spacecraft can cost billions. So, who pays for all this stuff?

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Seth Shostak at Dragon*Con. Photo courtesy Chuck Tomasi

Ep. 154: Dragon*Con Live with Seth Shostak

This week we step away from our regular programming to bring you a live show from Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Pamela shares the stage with SETI researcher Seth Shostak. Together they discuss the technology and science of searching for intelligence, And answer questions from the audience. (more…)

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